I am lucky enough to have been born and raised in Kelowna B.C., which I find to be a definite benefit in my field of work. I have been in the Property Management business for 25yrs. I started out with Macdonald Realty Interior as an unlicensed Property Management Assistant in 1998 and became licensed in 2000. I am now the manager of residential property rentals at our company.

Living in the community my whole life has given me a great advantage for working with both landlords and tenants. I am able to guide landlords in their search for rentable investments as well as work with tenants to find suitable homes for them and their families.

My portfolio includes everything from suites, condos, townhouses and houses. Whether it's a mid range budget or a higher end executive property, we have the properties to fit every renters needs and the tenants to satisfy every landlords requirements

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